Average Dad – An unemployed young father struggles to enjoy his favourite hobbies while being kind of a shitty Stay At Home Dad.

Beef – Two beefing rappers encounter each other on a tour of Australia.

Chronolog – Forensic Chronology detectives Jack Twomey and Wyatt Rainier are sent back to 1991 to investigate a cold case murder.

Dick Moove – Private Detective Richard Moove isn’t very good at being a detective, but he believes that being a voyeur gives him a leg up on other detectives with no real interest in watching people, and he likes hanging out in the car because it gives him more time to enjoy his drugs. It’s win/win/win. The extra win is his intern, Win.

Eden – A race of beings return from the sky in rockets during the ancient fertile crescent epoch, telling the burgeoning human society that they are not gods, but the creators of all life on Earth.

Employment – Four housemates, one job. There are other ways to pay rent, they’re just not always pleasant.

EQ – A modern publicity firm is hired to get an outlier politician elected.

The Substrate – A game designer is recruited to help debug “levels” in a shared environment somewhere between VR and a dream state that can only be reached through the subconscious.