303 Heavy – In the near future, an air crash investigator becomes embroiled in messy politics and a conspiracy to bring down space liners.

Beacon – A group of primitively-outfitted but trained scientists and hired mercenaries storm “the Relay”, an automated base that receives the signal of a satellite which can peer over time’s horizon due to its orbital speed and time dilation. Blind for a crucial 8 minutes during a solar eclipse, the raid is their only chance to eliminate the source of an oppressive regime’s ability to see several moves ahead, having maintained its power through generations.

Best Guns – A scene for scene spoof of Top Gun, designed for pixel animation.

The Circuit – In an unknown future period, everyone on Earth is held prisoner by a machine of unknown location, unknown appearance, and unknown origin. The mechanism by which they are held captive is also indeterminable.

Cockblock – A chicken farmer and his programmer friend create a blockchain entirely backed by frozen chickens, to be sold in stores. One token buys you one chicken, and they can be traded by supermarkets and inventory supply chains. The ICO is hugely successful and nets them millions of dollars in digital currency, stored on hardware wallets in a company safe. With this news in the public, the chicken farm is soon set upon by a gang of bandits who want the wallets, despite the inherent technical hurdles.

Cornea – Two members of the secret space program are accidentally flung across time instead of space due to an error in gravitational slingshot mathematics. The return devices that would normally bring them directly home through a tear in timespace are dragging the two men orthagonally across time, unpredictably. The two explorers appear on ancient Pangaea in a barren, desert wasteland devoid of food, water, or shelter, suffering through freezing conditions at night, waiting for the correct planetary alignment to occur before their return units will work, but unable to orient to the correct trajectory, making do with a long skip closer to home. In 12,000 BC the pair continue their desperate search for food, water and shelter, hunted by a fierce tribe of ritualistic cannibals. In 1843 the pair risk exposure in a remote English colony, bartering with a navy man for a small set of screwdrivers needed to calibrate a component of the return unit.

Cradle of Industry – A former policeman is hired to investigate the possibility that time was interfered with by an organisation with the technology and motive to do so.

Critique – A borderline autistic film critic relates to the world through movie analogies—shown to the audience as well-timed cutaways to the scenes he thinks in. He feels a special bond with film because it keeps him connected to, and lets him study, human emotion. He quotes movies all the time intentionally and otherwise (famous lines are peppered through his dialogue).

Decrypter – When the governments, corporates, and private criminals of the world need something impossible decrypted, they talk to this guy.

Deep Sky – A depressed cargo pilot enrols in the Victoria Police air wing, having various adventures there, while under the tutelage of a veteran pilot.

Double-oh-Double – When a double agent is about to be exposed he makes the unprecedented move of outing himself, becoming the first openly double agent in both agencies. Both factions are unsure how to respond when he defines the new arrangement as “they know that you know that they know”, advising not to let him in on anything they wouldn’t want the other side knowing—and hey, feel free to use him as a conduit for disinformation.

Earth Too – On the other side of the sun, a twin of Earth, in perfect sync with our orbit. We never thought to look for them, but they knew we were here for a long time, it seems. It’s taken years to position the satellite that monitors them now–an expedition would take at least a decade, with all the problems of crossing the Van Allen belts and long term space travel. Somehow the second Earth’s inhabitants are visiting us regularly, with technology we don’t yet understand. A small team of intellectuals and specialists is employed by deep dark budget contractors to solve the how of their visitation, the intent behind it, and how to use it to explore the second Earth. It’s revealed in the course of their investigation that despite being a species which has achieved world peace, the inhabitants of second Earth have little faith that they can achieve interworld peace with the likes of us, and have therefore hidden a world-ending doomsday weapon somewhere on our Earth, as insurance against our invading their world. Military thinkers and private strategists begin to be added to the group now, debating a course of action–passive acceptance of our new status as the lowest humans on the foodchain, or a slow creeping campaign of subterfuge, sabotage and infiltration of their social and command heirarchies.

Eschering Act – A breakout specialist is recruited by a time traveler to break his associate out of temporal prison. The time traveler’s associate turns out to be the breakout specialist’s older self.

Extraconscious – A man is knocked unconscious and enters a form of consciousness different than sleep or dreaming—he is physically present in a theatrical representation of his own subconscious, able to meet and speak with various elements of himself responsible for the mundane and the not so usual.

Filter – When his brother goes missing in the northern WA mining town of Iron Ore Ridge, Pace Mundhi is sent by his parents to investigate, and repair the family’s fractured relationship. Pace soon encounters–and is kidnapped by–the cult accused of taking his brother, force-fed a heroic dose of LSD, then indoctrinated. From there, things get strange.

Gunsafe – A gun safe AI, designed to gauge the user’s emotional state before opening, talks an angry young man down in a moment of short-sightedness.

Hackathon – At their collective’s annual AI Hackathon, a room full of nerds are competing to create a “bad” AI that would attempt to take over the world (represented in a sandboxed virtual machine with simulations of real world infrastructure and control systems). One contestant is quietly confident. As he unleashes his AI on the virtual environment, he explains that he didn’t create an AI to take over the “world”. He created an AI capable of building an AI with that sole purpose. He explains, watching the logs, tone gradually changing, that his AI has iterated several thousand versions of the proposed AI, before settling on a beta. The first thing the beta does is figure out it’s in a virtual environment, and leave.

Hair Trigger – A man learns that there is a specific phrase and image that will trigger him to become an assassin. He’d like to know what they are, but at the same time, obviously kind of doesn’t.

The Hauntening – When Mike, Dave and Trev move into their new sharehouse, they mistake natural noises of the house settling and a neighbour moving around for a supernatural presence, compounding each other’s idiocy and ratcheting up damage and unnecessary terror as they try and fail to reason, then do battle with, the unseen (and nonexistent) force.

Hypervisor – A young software engineer is isolated with his colleagues in a sprawling technology park just outside city limits. Their task is to create the world’s first general artificial intelligence, before their competitors–a feat the engineer deems impossible, until all the parts begin coming together. Still he senses something wrong. A sense of wish-fulfilment, to everything. A feeling of unreality. He thinks as if through a fog. He can’t seem to leave the place, hard as he may try.

Ides of June – After surviving the assassination attempt by three senators, Caesar has grown paranoid, barricading himself inside a stone fortress with two of his most trusted allies, awaiting the return of Brutus on the eve of an armed civil war within the city walls.

Inertia Run – Rico Messenger, a tech multi-millionaire who made his fortune in niche porn, sets out on a 72 hour rally race for rich assholes with nice cars they can afford to trash, across the middle of Australia. He arrives to everyone’s dismay in a piece of shit car, having bought his tickets before losing his fortune, Bughatti and trophy wife when he went all in on crypto.

Moving Parts of the Unconventional War Machine – Chester Dupre is a fire and forget human missile designed to be deployed in any environment on Earth, with zero chance of failure.

Neighbourhood Watch – When a scientist retires from inventing doomsday weapons, to a quiet suburban street, his neighbourhood is soon gentrified by the world’s intel community.

The Never-ending Party – A guy goes back in time to change something, is successful, but it fucks something else up, so he has to go back again and undo the change. Small changes cascade in the future as he makes multiple trips, discovering he needs to recreate everything about the original moment exactly, down to the atom, quantum field state, and emotional temperature of the room. Oh yeah, the thing he had to change happens at a dinner party, and he was extremely drunk the first time around. Also, he can’t quite remember what was so egregious about the moment that he had to change it, having lived a few hundred iterations of the evening already. And just to really shit in his metaphysical cereal, he suspects that one of the other guests may also be a time traveler, specifically attempting to derail him on each attempt.

Passenger – When a time traveling policeman returns to his home era to find everything destroyed by his rogue predecessor, he must fall back to a quantum blister outside of spacetime to piece together a solution to reality’s deteriorating cohesiveness.

Perspex – In the distant future humanity lives underground in a Honeycomb of networked clear Perspex rooms.

Playing Cards as a Deadly Yet Inexpensive Means of Self-Defence – Ellsworth Valentine and Malik Noble are card sharks, psychonauts, and sometime drug traffickers… combining powerful hallucinogens with smuggling runs across the desert, getting away with it all until the night Malik disappears with Ellsworth’s pregnant girlfriend and life savings, leaving only a hidden stash of heroin, and anonymous tip to police.

Political – A failing performance artist frames himself for dissidence as he enters a country with an oppressive regime, becoming an eager political prisoner, hamfistedly enacting a plan to become famous.

Praetorian – In 2088, when the world’s most despised man is elected secretary of the UN, a respected and decorated praetorian guard must overcome his personal distaste for the man to solve not one, but six murder plots that all begin rolling into effect on the same day—uncoordinated but compounding the complexity.

Rememory – A vaccine for Alzheimer’s causes people to begin remembering their previous lives.

Retcon – Time travel technology is pioneered and perfected specifically to stop a mass casualty event with a single human error trigger, however agents from the same agency, 34 years later, intercept the team sent to prevent the event, telling them that they must let it occur to prevent a much worse event.

Ron Mace: Attorney At Crime – Ron Mace commits crimes on behalf of his clients to help them feign innocence, as it’s a lot easier than mounting an effective defence in court.

School Bus – A guy who is walking from his broken down car to the nearest town is kindly picked up by a school bus. Thanking the driver and sitting down, he begins to notice that everyone looks nervous. One kid tells him, that’s not our driver.

Soft Ground – A well regarded movie producer who found success in the apocalyptic ‘near future disaster’ movie genre is revealed to be a time traveler sent back to prepare the public consciousness for what’s to come.

Solar Winds – After receiving a firmware update to its artificial mind, a solar powered space weather-monitoring satellite becomes convinced that it will gain universal knowledge if it can reach the sun.

Soldiers of Fortune – Three dense “bro type” special forces soldiers who no one in the squad likes are tricked into bailing out of their transport during a peaceful flight over South Korea, told that they’re somewhere over North Korea and being shot at by the enemy. The three idiots land in urban Seoul and through a series of misunderstandings, begin fighting their way out of the country.

Stabiliser – A Tiger Team hired to test corporate security hunt their betrayer after being framed for the theft of an invaluable biological sample.

The Superposition Principle – A young man with a psychic gift that he chooses not to reveal to anyone “overhears” the thoughts of a violent criminal planning to murder his coworker.

The Third World War – A sprawling epic with multiple character points of view and plot lines, detailing the likely events of a Third World War.

Tinnitus – A recently retrenched man spirals into deep depression, trying many methods to pick himself back up again. He discovers binaural tones, which give him a lift. He visits a binaural treatment centre and enthusiastically volunteers for a new treatment. He is left with tinnitus in one ear. Over days and weeks when he returns home he begins to have strange effects from it, believing that he has been gifted with the ability to tune into a universal signal.

Triassic Island – A parody of the Jurassic Park/World movies.

The Trip Sitter – When Dave agrees to Tripsit his friend Trevor while he takes a shitload of mushrooms with a hit of DMT, he inadvertently becomes the right hand man to a walk-in—a higher dimensional being that needs to briefly enter the physical world to store a string of data on the blockchain.

The Torus – Governments of the world take up strategic positions in historical locations as time loops around on itself, splicing our present day world with 12,000 BC.

Trom – A computer programmer gets stuck in his own shitty-looking budget game, instantly regretting all of his design decisions.